Neko zya nai desyoo…

Hey, look what I found!






4 responses to “Neko zya nai desyoo…”

  1. Jamie Fristrom Avatar

    Adding weight to my theory that Jake is the center of the universe:

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    I agree!
    He’s starting up a periodic game dev happy hour here in SF, perhaps you can join sometime if you’re in the area!

  3. Jake Simpson Avatar
    Jake Simpson

    LOL Yes,I am indeed the center of the universe.
    In fact, my Death Star nears completion as I speak..

  4. Mike Mika Avatar

    I was wondering what that thing was poking through the fog on the horizon this morning! Finally a real-life Death Star- oh wait, that’s Target. They just opened one up by my house I guess.
    Game Dev Happy Hour! Count me in! We have our own version that goes on just about every other thursday at the Broken Rack in Emeryville. You are all welcome. They check in egos at the front door, and the grounds have been blessed by the Saint of NDAs. We begin the night with a simple design topic “Why XXX?” and try to answer it before we get too drunk or they close the bar. A lot of great ideas and theories have come up at these things! Lately we’ve been tackling the issues with interactive storytelling while going into the next gen, and it’s been a blast.