All work and no play…?

Just a few recent pictures to prove that I’m not spending all my time working!
About a week ago, I had the sudden opportunity to invite local developers together for an event at SBC Park (or Pacbell park – whatever it’s called now!) We used one of the suites, since Playstation is a big sponsor of the San Francisco Giants. 24 hours of frantic emails and phone calls later, with the help of a good friend, and we were able to pull together a great group of people. Here’s a shot of who was left at the end of the game, after we’d all had a bit too much to drink… 🙂
From left to right, these are: Bret Mogilefsky (Sony) and his wife, Paul DuBois (Double Fine), Jessica Tams (Trymedia), Jeremy Gordon (Secret Level), Rob Huebner (Nihilistic).
This weekend, my good friend George Browning came to visit from North Carolina. He has always been very entrepreneurial; since I’ve known him he has worked at a number of start-up companies which have grown and blossomed into success. His latest venture is Zengobi, which makes the very interesting product “Curio” for Mac. They call Curio an “idea development environment”… check it out! Now if I could only use it under Windows… 🙂
George, his co-worker Greg, and I went to the Japanese restaurant Kyo-ya in downtown San Francisco. I can’t recommend this restaurant enough, especially if you’ve been to Japan and appreciate that dining experience. It was very relaxing. The sushi was unbelievable – I’m still having dreams of the “low-grade” toro we had, which was better than any of the “high-grade” toro I’ve had at other local restaurants. Kyo-ya is a bit pricey (it is located in the Palace Hotel), but definitely worth the splurge.
Here’s George at the Metreon!






2 responses to “All work and no play…?”

  1. George Avatar

    We had a great visit to the Bay area and certainly loved the weather. Today in Raleigh the forecast is 96 degrees and oppressively humid. Yucko!
    Take care Mark… we’ll be back!

  2. Mike Mika Avatar

    I hate myself for not going to the game. What a great group of folks to spend time with.