In-game advertising

Wow, now THIS is an in-game ad. ๐Ÿ™‚






2 responses to “In-game advertising”

  1. Chris Melissinos Avatar

    Ok….so a *bit* over the top. But compared to watching a real golf game, it’s not that far off these days ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mike Mika Avatar

    Ooooo.. Fanta. Where the Fanta girls?
    In-game ads are evil. I prefer the fake ones that dev teams make that are neither funny or make any sense. Often they are inside jokes I never get unless I go to Jim Pearlman’s 28th birthday bash or I by chance was there that late night with the dev team when Simon blew beer and corn nuts out of his nose. More often than not, they are some “funny” take on team member names – “Adam Rynacs Shop of Lilacs.” hehehe. If they had a video called “Texture Artists Gone Wild” I would probably buy it to see all the “clever” fake ads our industry creates and knowingly nod in reverence to their creativity, while raising a scornful fist at the Coca-Cola ad I have hanging in my living room that looks so much cooler and has higher production value – Hey! how did that sneak into my living room? Damn you Coca-Cola and all your persausive peers! DAMN YOU!
    If people are really getting buckets of crisp 100 dollar bills for tiny ad space in games, and it can make sense, via a realistic cityscape or sports arena, I’m all for it – if that money is put towards the development of the game to increase production value and give the team the ability to hire that extra artist they need to avoid a two year stretch of overtime. Also, some games feel less realistic with those corny fake ads anyway. Right now, though, I suspect the money goes to “the house” and has little to no effect on the budget given to the dev.
    But the minute long loading times are replaced by commercials, I guess I’m gonna get all kicky and mad and do something evil. It’s bad enough that the running time of movies at the theater is surpassed by the running time of the ads before it.