Do you ever notice how in life, things stay relatively static for long periods of time, then suddenly a cascade of changes occurs in a very short period?
I don’t know why this is. Heck, I suppose it could be a figment of my imagination. It could just be my brain doing what it does best: sorting and categorizing and attempting to make sense out of a largely random universe. But I’d like to think there’s more to it than that.
My life did what I call a “flip” a few Fridays ago. It’s happened a few times before, when suddenly, holographically, many areas of life experience an unusual shift. In 24 hours, a cascade of possibilities and opportunities and new ways of thinking showed up on my doorstep. What to do? Which ones to adopt? Which ones to reject?
It’s at these moments that we can have a dramatic effect on the shape of our lives, creating the unique stories which we’ll tell to our grandchildren. The essence of who we are comes out through the particular decisions we as individuals make.
For me, I feel like a warm spring breeze has blown into my life, encouraging me to question in new ways, to push in directions I’ve been ignoring, and to be more accepting, more loving, and more strategic. In business and in relationship, new seeds are sprouting.






2 responses to “Flip”

  1. Jamie Fristrom Avatar

    Well, now I’m all tortured. Is it a job opportunity? New girlfriend? Genie from a lamp? Suitcase of cash? Startup opportunity? Abducted by aliens and given superpowers?

  2. Mike Mika Avatar
    Mike Mika

    Did you have a chance encounter with Ed Asner? I hear that if you just look at him in person it changes your life in ways only your most aware self can imagine.