Retro Junk!

My friends are evil. They just made me listen to a bunch of old TV theme songs like Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica and AirWolf. And then watch silly old VIC-20 commercials with William Shatner. And then download and watch trailers from War Games and The Last Starfighter. Ahh, for simpler days. 😉
Find there here at RetroJunk






2 responses to “Retro Junk!”

  1. Kim Pallister Avatar

    YOu are evil! What a time sink!
    On the positive side, I’m using that william shatner ad to kick off a presentation next week!

  2. JasonR Avatar

    Why doesn’t Sony give away free hands that sell on ebay for 71$ plus shipping?
    WTF! I either found the link to those from you or Robin’s blog. I wanted to collect some of them and try to use them as door knobs, but for $71, I should probably sell mine.