How to Become a Video Game Designer!

I got so excited… when I found this page on How to Become a Video Game Designer. Yay, at last someone can tell me!
But alas, it turned out to just be an advertisement for a book. 🙁
But then I saw this -=K00L=- ad on G4TV about How to Become a Video Game Designer! It goes something like this:
“We’re game developers! And game designers!”
“Dude, can you believe we get to play games ALL DAY?”
“My mom said I would never get ANYWHERE playing games!”
Boss: “Can you guys hurry up, I need another game designed!”
“Okay, just a minute, we have to tune up the graphics in level 3 first!”
So. Bad.






4 responses to “How to Become a Video Game Designer!”

  1. kim Avatar

    This was more level design than game design, and is genre specific, but I thought these ‘cliffy notes’ were pretty good:
    I got two frames into the video liked by chris’s post, and IMMEDIATELY shut it. No one with a dukes-of-hazzard hairdo is going to pitch me about game design!

  2. David Avatar

    Sweet! I have been waiting to give up PR for game design. Everytime I see those crazt programmers sitting under their desks rocking back and forth and muttering about deadlines and math I know it’s for me. Can I sign up if I don’t live in my parent’s basement?

  3. Jean-Paul Avatar

    Do the designer(s) of this “commercial” never talked with game developers ???? How many game development studios or publishers will accept “students” from this “school” after seeing a such ads ?
    This news is quite funny by the way… But I’m worried to get such things in Europe.
    – JP