Ads in Games

“My feeling is that in-game advertising will help to finally establish gaming as the dominant entertainment medium of the 21st Century,” Ed Bartlett, CEO, Hive Partners
Give me a friggin’ break. Cuz obviously EVERYONE wants more ADS in their GAMES!
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3 responses to “Ads in Games”

  1. David Avatar

    If it brings down the price than it’s fine, but if I’m paying $50 for a game that now has ads in it, that is a problem for me.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Agreed. That’s the same thing I’ve been saying about movies. If they want to reduce my ticket price and then show me ads before the flick, that’s fine. But having all these damned ads before the movie starts – what a bunch of crap. There’s one theatre chain that doesn’t show ads – I forget which one it is. Interesting site here:

  3. Chris Avatar

    On the other hand, advertising when it is appropriate, can enhance a game. Would most racing games be better if there were fake corporate logos on the billboards or cars? I remember when JetMoto was first released for the PS1. The Butterfinger Team? I thought it was pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚
    What I can’t believe works, however, are web based advergames. Uggh!