Cynicism abounds

Somehow this lead paragraph from a CNN article today really doesn’t surprise me:
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush canceled an Earth Day visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Friday because of bad weather.
Okay, okay, it’s because of bad weather, I know, I should cut him some slack. But come on. The closest this guy gets to doing something good for the environment is clearing brush from his property so the limos and Hummers can get through without accidentally running over a cow.
There are some particularly great Earth Day gifts in the energy bill which passed the House yesterday. Happy Earth Day everyone! Now here, have some MTBE! MMmmm, tasty.

There are a number of reasons for my crankiness lately. This article on New Scientist sums it up nicely.
According to research carried out by the University of London, the constant barrage of email, phone calls, and IMs received by many workers these days can seriously reduce one’s ability to focus. They say it is similar to a reduction in IQ of 10 points, which is twice the amount seen in studies of pot smokers.
What a comparison… should I trade my Blackberry for some Maui Waui? The guy down the street says I can get it from him cheap!

Last night, Dominic Mallinson and I gave a repeat performance of our GDC 2005 Cell talk at the Silicon Valley Siggraph meeting. It was fun! Met some great people there. The session took place in the Town Hall Theatre on Apple’s campus where, I was assured, Steve Jobs had spoken mere hours before to investors. The podium was pretty snazzy, with two built-in G5’s, one running the lighting/sound system. That was pretty darn cool, we clicked on images of various lighting set-ups to bring up the house lights, set up lights for Q&A, etc. Only… after two clicks the lights stopped responding. And no one could figure out how to get them to work properly, not even the Facilities folks. So we gave the entire talk with four spotlights focused on the audience (for Q&A) and no lighting on the stage. Exxxxxxcellent. I’m SURE it wasn’t the Mac’s fault. 😉

Okay, enough cynicism for now. Happy Friday! Now go play with The Machine, if you haven’t already.






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  1. Kim Pallister Avatar

    Heh heh. My co-worker Dean gave a lecture at one of their meetings, also at the Apple campus. We joked that he was a little like Obi-wan inside the Death Star. Only Apple’s storm troopers are more stylishly dressed.