If you like making cats do things they wouldn’t normally do, you’ll love this little flash game. Kumoneko is a one-button game – you press the mouse button to lengthen the string your cat is swinging back and forth on. Your goal is to grab the gems, but there are other pivot points and spikey things in your way. It’s great fun!
For more of this new benevolent cat-abuse genre, visit ece4c0.






2 responses to “Kumoneko”

  1. Christer Ericson Avatar

    How do you get past the third screen, Mark? I only see three gems on the right (plus a pivot point) and nothing happens after collecting these. (Tried with both FireFox and IE, same thing.)

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Hi Christer,
    The Japanese text at the bottom on that screen says something about hitting the space bar; if you hit the space bar when the string is wrapping around another pivot point, that pivot point will become the new starting place for the string. In this way you can move the kitty string around the screen, and it will scroll around to show you new gems.
    Sorry to not have mentioned that!