Using Games for Good

Water Cooler Games posted up a link to a high quality and socially responsible game created for the UN World Food Program. Food Force is a simple game made of six sub-games that include determining the right proportion of foods for proper nutrition, controlling a food drop, and planning for future sustainability. It’s all controllable with just the mouse.
CNN had a good article on this game. It was produced by playerthree from the UK, and Deepend in Italy. Great stuff! It’s so wonderful to see a fun (if simple) educational game with high production values.






One response to “Using Games for Good”

  1. Jean-Paul Avatar

    Thank you to bring this game to the light.
    It remembers me also a game on Philips CDI, it was on 1995. This game named “Earth Command” used videos and various original economic datas. The gamer, as a sort of super United Nations chief, was managing resources and countries to avoid various scenarios and problems. The game was all about resources management (water, mining, energy, etc.) and human activity. In some way, this game was quite instructive.
    Sorry to bother with this old title by the way. 🙂 I will try “Food Force”. 🙂
    – Jean-Paul