Feeling Blue

I’m feeling blue today. I had a really nice walk along the beach this morning with my friend Laura, but most of today I’ve been chilling at home, a bit bummin. Had a nap midday.
So I’ve been cleaning some things up on the computer this evening. Going back through old email. Categorizing and throwing some old junk out.
And I re-found an amusing website. Back when I worked at Game Developer magazine, we used to receive letters from a fellow named Louis. They were always hand written, a bit long, and definitely on the crazy side. When we discovered that there was a tribute site devoted to him, we realized we weren’t the ONLY ones receiving letters. I wonder what happened to Louis? Is he still writing letters?
I pulled out a site in my newest bag of tricks to see if I could find out. ZabaSearch lets you do searches to find addresses, birthdates, etc of people around the United States. It’s borderline spooky. But definitely handy for tracking people down. Anyway, I didn’t find a Louis. But I spent a bunch of time dorking around on that site.
Combined with a nice glass of wine, it was a good way to end the day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better.






2 responses to “Feeling Blue”

  1. DelNorte Avatar

    I remember getting letters from Louis! It was always a cause for great joy around the cube farm — I don’t recall those letters mentioning Missouri (they came years later than the ones on the tribute site); they were return addressed from Walnut Creek! I always wondered how Game Developer magazine found it’s way into his hands…
    As time went on, the letters grew ever longer, and what started as scattered references to scripture became pages upon pages of bible quotations…

  2. Chris Avatar

    And he mentioned Java in letter 11. How nice! And scary!