Korean PSP site

Um, wow!
I have to admit, I love it when Sony does something wacky, makes me feel like I’m part of a company that likes innovating. This Korean PSP site definitely fits into that categorization. 🙂






3 responses to “Korean PSP site”

  1. brian Avatar

    wow, this is beautiful! in particular i love the music, the mermaid especially. is this custom music or some artist i’ve never heard of? i want more of it! the cinderella one is a nice cirque-du-soleil-esque waltz number, too, pretty awesome.
    i love the photography, too. if only the rest of the game industry made such classy use of female models, instead of getting the most garishly proportioned women they can find (or modeling them in maya if even that’s not garish enough) and then having them spread-legged across a big motorcycle or something.

  2. robin Avatar

    Wow is right. I’m not sure I get it… like, is it for girls? But still – sexy, interesting, well produced….

  3. Laura Avatar

    Well, don’t really get it either except it does give the feeling that it’s pushing our PSP fashion message.