Opium Addict

This is one of the most well-written, visual-inducing things I’ve read in a long time:
Confessions of an eBay Opium Addict
Looking for drugs on the cheap, a writer found poppy pods available on the internet. He also found himself hooked.
It’s on Alternet. Gotta love Alternet.






3 responses to “Opium Addict”

  1. Jean-Paul Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this link, the confession is very well written.
    I have heard time to time about gangs using Fedex, UPS, etc. to do drug traffics from South America to Europe. I know we can find nearly everything on eBay but Opium???
    It is may be out of topic but I will be interested to know the policy or position of eBay. In term of US laws, do eBay can be considered as a drug dealer or a sort of drug carrier?
    Have a nice week-end,
    – Jean-Paul

  2. robin Avatar

    I found it especially interesting to read the comments after the post itself. I do think it’a a bit on the irresponsible side – but I have known a lot of drunks and addicts, so I feel for him, too. It is just a shame to need to escape that bad (and from such a young age).
    Good link – thought provoking!

  3. markdeloura Avatar

    I’m somewhat surprised to see how easy it is to buy opium pods on the net. I had no idea you could actually just grind them up and get high! It’s not like they’re especially pretty, so it’s hard to imagine many uses for them other than leaving your body. We’ll see how long it is until eBay is hit with a lawsuit for letting people sell drugs. That’s the American way. 😉
    It’s a very intriguing piece; his writing style reminds me of Terrence McKenna, who did a lot of LSD and other psychedelics. Something about doing all those drugs rearranges the neurons and incites interesting connections, I suppose…