Okay, I feel like total poo today. Frankly I have pretty much since GDC, which is almost a month now. At first I thought it was a cold, but now that the initial symptoms have simmered down, I’m wondering if it isn’t just allergies again. Seems like that same old garbage that I had going on last year.
Thing is, I thought I had beaten whatever that was. But now I’m wondering, maybe it was just that allergy season ended?
My co-worker Bret is all stuffed up. I’ve got this huge headache and fatigue and hot flashes. What the hell? I hate being sick.
The only thing I’ve found so far which seems to help is sinus irrigation. Yeah, eeewww ick that sounds disgusting. It’s not really that bad, just a little annoying to do. You use a water-pik with a special attachment and flush salinated water through your sinuses for a few minutes. It really helps!
Of course I’ve also brought in the standard accompaniment of other remedies: echinacea, Emergen-C, Claritin, orange juice, green tea, and lots of sleep.
Bah humbug. 😛






2 responses to “Allergies?”

  1. JasonR Avatar

    Everyone at my work in Texas is sick right now too. I blame the season change.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Ha-choo! Me too. Too many happy little flowering plants. Ugh!! Me want cookie! Oh wait, wrong posting. 😉