PSP Launches!

Ahhh, just got home from the PSP Launch Event at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco. It’s all over, the PSP is out the door at last here in the U.S.
At the Sony Metreon, the line stretched basically the length of the block between Mission and Howard, and curled into Pocket Park a short distance. Not a huge line, but quite substantial.
Given what I heard about the number of units available at the Metreon, there may even be some left for the morning-after shoppers.
Sony had a launch party for its employees at Jillian’s, the same location as this year’s GDC party. This evening’s event was a little more understated. The PSP across the street counting down the minutes until launch was an awfully nice touch though!






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  1. Jeff Keller Avatar

    I’ll have you know that I saw TWO cars in Antioch with people in the passenger seat playing with a PSP! Even out here in the sticks people have good taste 🙂