I survived GDC

Or mostly, anyway. Despite my best efforts, have a cold. Had a business trip yesterday, flew back this morning.
GDC was not normal for me this year. Between the CELL talk and the PSP talk, in addition to normal booth setup and etc, plus working on PSP launch and other things, I got absolutely hammered by work this year. I spent most of the time during the show working on presentations. Went to two talks, two meetings, plus the Sony party, and that was about it. What a bummer!
Fortunately Friday night after the conference was over I had time to meet my book publisher for dinner at Pazzia, then chilled with GDC friends and family at the Argent. On Saturday Chris Melissinos and his brother Ryan, plus my good friend Dave and I got some breakfast, wandered around Fry’s Electronics, and basically just acted like big geeks. Saw the movie Constantine, which was pretty good (your basic Keanu Reeves movie with excellent special effects).
Now I’m fighting this cold, taking lots of VitC and Echinacea, Zinc lozenges, green tea, the works. Probably the best thing I could do would be to sleep. Looking forward to that. 🙂
Sure nice to be through GDC.
Here are some cool PSP cases. Sweet!
Here’s a review of our GDC booth.






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  1. Alex Bourd Avatar
    Alex Bourd

    Hi Marc,
    I have attended both presentation at GDC. Great stuff. Is there a way to get a soft copy of your
    PSP overview presentation?