Cool building

Rem Koolhaus, designer of the Seattle Public Library, has been working on the China Central Television headquarters building. What an incredible design!






3 responses to “Cool building”

  1. kim Avatar

    Hmm… I’m skeptical. At the end of the day, defying gravity is a bad idea. Esp. in a earthquake-ridden area.
    Then again I could just be tainted by growing up in a city with a gravity-challenging white elephant tax burden:

  2. Nikki Avatar

    Omg KIM. take the rod outa ur ass and appreciate the look of the building lol. Love this design, and tbh if they were hopin 2 make a statement 2 get the building reconised. who cares if its in an earthquake area? it hasnt fallen down yet? i suspect theyll cross that bridge when they come to it.

  3. homp Avatar

    Wow!? looks cool but I think it might need little more stability