I found my new computer!

Maybe this one won’t need so many patches.
Patch wires, maybe.
Seriously. Now where’s my hover car?
I love that it will be easy to use because of Fortran. But of course! Because Fortran is so user-friendly! As long as you don’t forget to put spaces in columns 1-6!
Also, what’s that big Love Boat wheel for? Does that excite the hyperion laser beam, enabling me to instantly send datagrams to my neighbor’s computer via the 300 baud modem? So sweet!






4 responses to “I found my new computer!”

  1. Kim Pallister Avatar

    A little time on google will show that this is a fake. The giveaway was the big wheel. Looks like a submarine, right? It is! THe text is faked.
    See here:

  2. Chris Melissinos Avatar

    Love that pic! Yeah, the TV and the printer are fake as well. Pretty funny though.

  3. markdeloura Avatar

    I can’t wait until we can fake audio and video as well as we can currently fake photos. Then we can make people do whatever we want! Yay!

  4. kim Avatar

    I saw a very cool/very creepy paper at siggraph a few years back in which they “sampled” (there was more math to it htan that) segments of video, extracted visyms/phonyms/etc from a very limited sampling (say a 30 second speech) and then were able to re-author video to match any audio soundtracks. They had a politician (was it Reagan?) singing some dance tune and it looked AWESOME.
    Very creepy when you think about where this will be in 10 years. They’ll have to authenticate/encrypt news feeds