It’s a boy!

No, wait. It’s a PSP!
Mark got a new toy. Happy day!
In celebration, I immediately went out and bought an overpriced import copy of Lumines. I’m playing the crap out of it. Yay!






4 responses to “It’s a boy!”

  1. Chris Melissinos Avatar

    Sooo…….Comments? Compared to the DS for playability? Have you hacked it yet? 😉

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Hey Chris!
    So far I’m having fun with PSP. Compared to the DS, it definitely feels more solid and substantial, and the screen is crisp and bright. I was surprised that I couldn’t feel the UMD spin unless I really pay attention – that’s a pretty good trick. You can hear it more than you can feel it.
    The device is heavier than I wish it was, and by that I mean my arms get tired (I admittedly still have some arm issues). Setting it on the floor or on the bed and playing it while lying down works pretty well. However, the headphone plug sticks out a bit when you’re using the headphones, so the device doesn’t sit quite flat if you’re lying down. Yeah, I know, life’s rough.
    I love the interface; the US Tech and Sony Design groups did a great job with what we call the “VSH”. The background moves around subtly behind the menu selections, it changes color each month, and it’s very intuitive. I also like how games can have previews show up in the VSH – position the menu cursor on the UMD and it will pop up a custom screen, play a small movie, and play an audio track. Well done!
    Lumines is fun but I feel like I could really use a tutorial – or maybe an English instruction manual. I know what I’m supposed to be doing but I kind of suck at it, so I don’t get very far. I was really enjoying the puzzle mode until I got to the “make a 4×4 brick” level, and now I’m completely stuck. Even when I did make a 4×4, it split it up in some weird way and didn’t count it. Phooey.
    I’m going to plug the PSP into the PC via USB later (more acronyms, please) and download some photos and videos into it to see how they look. There’s a slideshow mode for photos, and for videos the interface looks similar to the PS2 DVD interface.
    So far I’m pretty pleased with how it all came out!

  3. Chris Melissinos Avatar

    Sweet! Bring it monday night phuleez!!!

  4. kim Avatar

    I have consumer electronics envy. Oooohhh… sexy consumer electronics. HOw I envy though.