How business gets done!

Diving back into work this week has been tough. We were off last week, but I was for the most part playing catch-up with my email, so I wasn’t really away from work. It was still at least a little relaxing, though. Going to work Monday totally stressed me out. Too much to do, too many ongoing projects, too many loose ends that need tying up, and I have meetings to go to and emails to reply to. Argh!
Fortunately one of the perks of my job is that occasionally I get to go out and have dinner with really great people. Like this guy!
We used to be mortal enemies, as Drew Angeloff was the manager of the Xbox tools program. But he recently jumped ship and moved to ATI, so now we can be seen talking to each other in public. Monday night Drew and I visited Le Colonial for some excellent Vietnamese food, and had drinks afterward at the Clift. Today my head hurt a bit. 🙂
Unfortunately tomorrow morning I have to get up at 4:30am and hop a flight to Las Vegas for CES. I’m excited to go to CES, but not on a 6:30am flight! UGH! Ah well, it should be a fun trip, as I get to spend more time with good industry friends. Should be lots of interesting technology there too!






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  1. kim Avatar

    Wow. ATI’s sure on a hiring spree. 3 ex-matrox friends of mine recently went there, and I’ve heard of a few others recently joining them. Hmm…