How depressing

My copy of Half-life 2 showed up today, but upon install I discovered that the third disc has a big ol’ scratch in it. You’d think that perhaps, with the CD key, there’d be a way I could download the game off of Steam. But, um, no, it doesn’t look that way. Poo!






2 responses to “How depressing”

  1. brian Avatar

    really?? i thought you could right-click on it in the “browse games” window and say “pre-load” even if you hadn’t purchased it, and you had to enter a key to unlock it, maybe?
    that’s sad if that’s true… i guess they didn’t plan on people who purchased physical copies also needing download capabilities, which i can’t really blame ’em for, but still too bad.

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Hi Brian!
    I couldn’t get Steam to do much of anything until I finished installing Half-Life. All I saw there were options to buy. 😛
    I posted a support request to and it sat for three days before I gave up. I was about to send the box back when my friend Jeff suggested coming over and letting me use his Disc 3. That did the trick! Hopefully I’ll never need Disc 3 again. 🙂
    It did give me some new understanding for why downloading the electronic version might be a good way to go in the future – aside from the developer getting more of the revenue, I don’t have to deal with the possibility of scratched discs!