It’s a Sunday

I just saw a Libertarian for President ad on CNN. No, seriously, I did! ๐Ÿ™‚
Just before that I was walking up to get my morning newspaper and donuts, and walked past the picketers at the local Holiday Inn. One of them was using a Game Developers Conference bag. Exxxxxxcellent.
With all the election hoopla, did you hear that the EU signed its constitution? Yeah, me either. For information on the constitution, go here.
Harry Shearer had an interesting opinion piece in the Guardian. Here’s a quote:

For me, it’s also a simple question. Bush has run a disastrous war. Kerry has run a feckless campaign. On Tuesday, the American people can punish only one of them.

The image above is from a Washington Post piece that has some great graphs of economic data over previous administrations. Good stuff. I love getting my info without spin!
The site MyDD has an interesting chart of what it calls the “Partisan Index”, back to 1976. Could be a good cheat sheet for you on election night!
Love this busting of the FragDolls site as a UbiSoft front. I especially like the image of the FragDolls team in front of posters of UbiSoft games at one of their studios. Well done. ๐Ÿ˜‰
The site Electoral-Vote has a lot of useful information on it. They seem to do a good job of being non-partisan. They also do a good job of being confusing, which inadvertently emphasizes the limitations of polling data. Here’s an example of that:

Here’s some good information on senate races.
And here’s a whole bunch of other good info.
And, I think I want to take that job as bunny at DoubleFine. I just love that animation! (Be sure to page down.)






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  1. Dave Avatar

    Just commenting on Frag Dolls, love it! As the only PR Flak (I think???) posting on your site it is my duty to applaud the use of viral marketing from Ilovebees to I never would have realized from the comments what they are doing, and I look for this stuff! Codemasters is kicking themselves for not doing this first!