New respect for Sarah

I hadn’t heard about this until recently – Sarah McLachlan donated what the cost would have been for producing her latest video, and instead just recorded performing in her living room in jeans. I wonder who did all the graphics though?
World on Fire






3 responses to “New respect for Sarah”

  1. kim Avatar

    Very cool, but the skeptic in me doubts it cost $15 to make. Still definitely a $10k video instead of a $150k video. Good for her!

  2. Dave Avatar

    Very cool video, I liked the messages a lot. However the editor she claims she didn’t spend any money on must have worked for free. Lot’s of layers going on their.
    Great idea though, I’m sending it to all sorts of people!

  3. Charlie Cleveland Avatar

    However she managed to work her contacts to get that video produced for cheap, more power to her. Incredible.
    Kind of makes me feel guilty about trying to raise the money you need to make a next-gen videogame (but it ain’t gonna stop me).