What I learned from debate #3

Did anyone else notice that Bush’s smile was crooked, and there was spittle at the corner of his mouth until halfway through the debate? Reminded me of Nixon’s sweaty chin from the Nixon/Kennedy debate’s opening statement. I figure Bush had that crooked smile because they used one of those electric muscle stimulator’s on his face – it trained him to smile and laugh everytime he would normally smirk.
What did I learn?
I learned that if you drink everytime Bush gets mad and pounds on the podium, you’ll get pretty hammered.
I learned that you look really smart if you can spout off lots of numbers in a debate, even if they’re not quite accurate.
I learned that the answer to the loss of jobs in America is to re-educate the people who have lost them, as opposed to trying to keep those jobs from leaving in the first place. I’m looking forward to sending Bush back to school after we fire him! Maybe he can learn to do pedicures.
I learned that Saddam Hussein’s rule was a terrorist regime.
I learned that we can work with Canada to get more flu shots, but we can’t import the rest of their prescription drugs for, say, Medicare/Medicaid.
I learned that $7700/year per person for health care is too much, according to Bush, even though that’s what they pay for the Senators, and my dad is paying $8400/year for health insurance.
I learned that if you decrease the amount of money you give to each person as part of a Pell Grant, but you increase the number of people you give money to, you can say that you “increased Pell Grants”.
I learned that Bush believes he’s credible when he accuses Kerry of “busting the budget 277 times”, even though he’s run up the annual deficit to $400 billion/year. I mean, I’m all for economic stimulation, but that’s just out-of-control insane.
And lastly I learned that, no matter what your politics, you have to invoke God at least a dozen times in every speech, or you’re not credible to 80% of the American population. Guess that rules out my run for office. 😉






One response to “What I learned from debate #3”

  1. ChrisM Avatar

    Awwww….come on now Mark. Kerry sounded like a preacher by the time we got to the end of the debate. He was the canidate that was quoting from the Bible! Man the lines are getting blurred 🙂
    What I learned from the debate is that the current debate format sucks. Both guys got to make unchecked statements and never really got to confront each other’s claims. Also, this was the first time I have heard Kerry become really flustered and there were several questions where he ran right up to the time limit without giving an answer.
    Weakest set of debates in years!