Something strange in SF

All over town here in San Francisco, banners have been popping up with ads for the World Cyber Games tournament. Even on the sides of newspaper seller’s posts, on buses, that sort of thing. Last night, on my way to Bodega Bistro for some Vietnamese deliciousness, I noticed that a giant Roman arch has been erected in front of City Hall; from a distance it looked like City Hall had been branded with a “World Cyber Games” logo. Looks like Samsung is going all out with their sponsorship of this thing!
I’ll have to go check it out on Saturday. Purely for research purposes of course. 🙂






One response to “Something strange in SF”

  1. brian Avatar

    aw, man, too bad i missed that! i made it out to seoul for the games last year, and here i can’t even make it to SF for this year’s. alas. i had a great time at them, especially because, for me, watching an intense, live counterstrike match, well-commentated and well-played, turned out to be way more exciting than any professional “sporting” event i have ever seen. it’s a very similar experience, i just felt that counterstrike (and other games, to be fair, i just remember counterstrike hitting me the hardest) seem designed for much better dramatic pacing than normal “athletic sports” here (many of which seem never to have given a thought to spectators and pacing.)
    have fun!!