Flew in to Montreal today, so far I haven’t had much time to do anything beyond unpacking and having dinner. Had a fabulous dinner at La Queue De Cheval, a steakhouse and bar. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about getting meat at a place named “cheval” anything… but it turned out to be quite tasty! There was a little jazz combo playing while we were there, and after dinner the waiter brought out a box of “contraband” — Cuban cigars. I smoke about one cigar every other year, and this seemed like a good time to make my quota. Between the cigar and a glass of shiraz, I found my happy place.
Montreal TV is funny. I get about 40 channels in the hotel, and they split pretty evenly between english, french, and english shows overdubbed with french. There’s one channel that’s just a 1-900 “adult talk” ad non-stop, with one woman after another pretending to actually be the one who you’d talk to if you called the number. yeeeeeeah sure. The few words that are spoken are english overdubbed with french. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.
Thursday and Friday we’re meeting with developers here, then I have Saturday to explore the city in the morning and fly back in the evening. Sunday is the great move north to San Francisco!
Followed, of course, by the ritual of months of unpacking boxes, followed by the ritual of saying “screw this” and stuffing the last few of them in the closet. 🙂






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