Audio test

Look! It’s an audio blog entry! This is an MP3.
August 23 Entry






3 responses to “Audio test”

  1. robin Avatar

    Awesome!!! I feel like I should be speaking my comment into the window!
    In response to my wrists’ complaints, I bought some wrist guards, took a couple of days off. Now that I’m typing again, I am taking more breaks (and avoiding the laptop) – both should help.
    I don’t know that I’ll ever be unselfconscious enough to do mp3 feedback – tho I have considered doing phone calls. Is it just a little push and shove from “I’ll call this person” to “I’ll leave a message for them” to “What if I record a message for them and send it?”

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    After doing that a few timnes, I find that I just really enjoy the personal nature of audio. It almost seems old-school, like getting a physical letter from someone. It’s more personal, feels like the person took more time to do it (even if they didn’t…)