HDLoader for PS2

Okay, as a Sony employee I should probalbly tell you all that this product HDLoader for PS2 really sucks. But it doesn’t!
HDLoader is PS2 software that lets you copy your games onto the HDD, so that you never have to swap discs in and out of your PS2 again. Okay, well it doesn’t work with all games – specifically online games are troublesome due to DNAS (and this is a good thing, frankly). There are also a few offline games it has trouble with. But for the most part, damn near everything in your collection will work. And theoretically you can also use most stock hard drives, so you don’t have to use the 40GB HDD packed in with FFXI and the PS2 Linux kit. That’s what I used, though.
Obviously there’s a huge concern that people will pirate games, for example by going to Blockbuster to rent them and copy them onto the HDD instead of purchasing them. I think it’s unfortunate that such a good bit of technology is being made as an unlicensed product. I would much rather have seen Sony put out a licensed product like this with the HDD when it shipped. I know there are a lot of copy-protection issues, but we could have dealt with the majority of them. Unfortunately now we have an unlicensed bit of software out there with no copy-protection built in except for not allowing you to play burned or out-of-region discs. It’s a recipe for piracy.
Anyway. If you are tired of swapping discs in and out of your PS2, or your PS2 is mobile and you don’t like dragging along a backpack full of games, OR you are just tired of loading screens, HDLoader is a good product to check out.






2 responses to “HDLoader for PS2”

  1. icosahedron Avatar

    Yes, but can it load the PS2Linux boot disk and then use that to boot Linux (or boot Linux from the memory card as it using the disk PS2 Linux disk does?)

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I’m going to guess no, but it’s possible you could do something crafty with the HD partitions to get it to work.
    I heard the HDLoader site got yanked down. Awwwww.