The Delorean still runs!

I’m excited. Just had to hop in here and post that the Delorean still runs. I know it needs an oil change, fuel change, tune up, etc, but it was nice to see that it still works after giving it a jump start.
Lots of problems still, but having it run and driving it back and forth reminds me of why I love it so. Trying to decide what to do if I buy an SF loft – I may ask my stepdad if I can store it in his garage in Washington. He used to fix cars for a living and has a ton of space and tools. Plus I think he’d get a big kick out of it if I were to fly up every once in awhile and work on the car with him. We’ll see. 🙂






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  1. Adam Taylor Avatar
    Adam Taylor

    Ok. I know you’re in California and all, but I read earlier that you were thinking of selling this DeLorean that you have. I live in Wisconsin and it’s a long distance, but I’m sort of interested in how the DeLorean looks and runs. You say it does run but how well? I’m really, reall,y really not picky because I’m looking for a fixer upper and I haven’t had any luck finding them that are in such bad shape that they are cheap, so I just wanted to know your thoughts on selling it. Thanks.