Back from vacation. AHhhhhh.
I basically sat around for four days relaxing, watching a lot of movies, and doing jigsaw puzzles. Away from civilization. It’s exactly what I needed.
You might ask yourself, why did I go away somewhere and then do things I could do at home? Hm, I might ask myself this too. 🙂 Always too many things demanding attention when I’m at home. I’m not so great at relaxing – which is a blessing and a curse.
I’ve never been very good at relaxing. Which makes it pretty amusing that I am in the game industry. But then, most folks who I know in the game industry work their tails off too. It’s like we’re all putting hard work into the piggy bank so that other folks can pull out the reward in the form of entertainment and relaxation. So the world stays balanced in the total number of hours worked. 😉
I continue thinking about how one could best utilize interactive entertainment for education. This will be the focus of my own exploration at home. Well, it will as soon as I finish up all these niggling little tasks that I have to take care of. You know, cooking, cleaning, exercising, all that crap. Life stuff. I need a robot that will take care of all that for me. Oh wait, in Hollywood I think they call those “personal assistants”. Hahhahaa… well, I can’t really afford one of those, so I guess I better sign off and wash the dishes.






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  1. Alex Dunne Avatar
    Alex Dunne

    Glad you had fun up at the place, buddy! Thanks for the chocolate-covered popcorn. This stuff is the most incredible tasting treat ever. You can go up to Tahoe anytime if this is the payback… yum yum yum.
    Thanks man!