Foster City sewer

Had lunch today at Chevy’s in Foster City. Foster City, where SCEA is located, is quite nice as small towns go. It’s a bit pricey to live there. Part of this is due to the design of the city, I’m sure – quite a few of the houses have no backyard, rather they have a tiny patio and then stairs to the “creek”. The creek, or moat, I’m not sure which they prefer, is a body of water which is actually disconnected from the bay. Strangely enough, it is also quite blue!
My team of spies has discovered that if you watch the moat frequently, you’ll occasionally see a peculiar boat traveling around, dropping things into the water: apparently “blue”, and chlorine. Since the moat doesn’t actually flow, Foster City has to manage it so it doesn’t become a complete cesspool. And yet, today, watching it from Chevy’s, it really was quite nice. The ducks were paddling around, several other peculiar species of bird were diving for fish and bugs, and the breeze stirred up beautiful little waves.
What a peculiar thing.






2 responses to “Foster City sewer”

  1. Guy Avatar

    What! No mention of the wonderful company joining you at Chevy’s? Hey, maybe they should change their name to “Chevy’s By The Sewer”
    Btw, I’ve been to areas of the ‘moat’ that apparently don’t get that chlorine. Phew-wee!
    So, Nicole didn’t get the house that was no way worth a million. It went for $1.2 million!!!!!

  2. markdeloura Avatar

    Heheheheh, I should have taken some pictures of you eating and posted them. That would have been fun. 🙂
    $1.2M for a decent house in SF. WTF??? I thought the dotcom boom was over. Who has all this damn money?