Blood tests etc

Got my blood tests back today – a battery of tests oriented around making sure my liver, kidney, pancreas are working correctly. The answer is: yes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything is looking good. I suspect the CAT Scan was good as well or the doc would have called me; I’m sure I’ll get a letter in the mail soon saying “hey, looks like you’re okay”. Which is good of course, but I’d rather have a solution.
Naturopath told me yesterday: “I think you’ve got IBD.” Basically his theory is that my increased airborne allergies here in the SF Bay area have made me more susceptible to food-based allergies: dairy products, raw onions, these kinds of things. This combined with crazy stress basically have made my GI tract unhappy and painful. Seems like a pretty good theory. I’m on a bunch of vits and misc things right now which seem to be doing some good.
Soooo, that is relatively good news I suppose. Hopefully this will slowly improve and heal up. But it will require me to be less stressed out – but I won’t stress out trying not to be stressed. Hahhahhaha ๐Ÿ™‚
In other news, we visited the guys at Digital Eclipse today. Those guys are awesome. Really impressed with what they’ve done with the PSP so far. Stay tuned, all you game fans!






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  1. Liz Voigt Avatar
    Liz Voigt

    Hey Pookie. What you need is some good Dim Sum to cleanse that ole GI tract. You’d feel much better.
    As for the stress, I’d say two weeks on the mediterranean coast in Southern Spain would take that down a notch or two as well. Bring the sax but learn to play Flamenco music on it before you come. I’d appreciate some live music while I learn my new steps.
    Don’t be a stranger.