Using Chrome

I find myself using the Google Chrome web browser more and more these days. I downloaded it just to have a look, and what was immediately obvious was how fast the darn thing is. It is fast to start up, and fast to load a page. Literally, while my PC is booting into Windows XP, I can start up Chrome and start reading the morning news. My PC will be happily chugging along in the background, starting up all manner of processes, while I’m happily chugging my coffee and reading Try THAT with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The downside of using Chrome though, is that it doesn’t yet have a way to synchronize bookmarks. This is one of the fundamental features which makes Firefox valuable to me – using the Xmarks add-on I have my bookmarks synchronized between my home PC, work PC, and laptop. This ability is as valuable to me as using an Exchange server to keep my email and contacts synchronized. It is just one of those no-brainer things that I don’t want to have to think about.

So for now, I go back and forth between Chrome and Firefox. Which is kind of irritating. Apparently Firefox 3.5 will speed things up, so we’ll see if I get sucked back over to the Firefox camp. And I don’t even want to look at Opera or Safari. I have enough browsers to think about already. 🙂