Last day at Sony

It seems weird after nearly five years, but today is my last day as manager of developer relations at Sony. (Pardon the Clinton picture. 🙂 ) I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, of course. So many things done, but so many things yet to do.
Job transitions always feel strange. In the calm between jobs, I always wonder: Am I being reactionary? Am I giving up? Am I running away from something? Or am I realigning myself with my values? Taking my victories and leaving the rest for future generations? Running toward something, building something? The latter is always preferrable, but unfortunately thoughts and feelings and actions are never so clear, and don’t add up to produce a quantifiable answer.
So I’ll take my victories at Sony, the largest of which is our greatly expanded GDC presence. And I’ll take the lessons I learned about myself, how I work with others, and how to be most effective. I’ll take all the things I learned about developers, and publishers, and the game industry. And I’ll move forward to a new role, with the expectation of an opportunity to learn a lot of new things, contribute in unique ways, and feel like I’m making a difference in my own manner, in a new place.
People tell me “you are not your job”, but I’ve never been very good at that distinction. If I wasn’t my job, I wouldn’t care so passionately about it. And if I didn’t care passionately about my job, why do it? So it will take a few weeks or months or years to get Sony out of my bones. In the meantime I will continue to wince each time I see a stupid quote, or bad press, or an analyst bad-mouthing my former employer.