GameStop on used games

Check out this quote from a CNET article on used game sales:
“The used-games business does not cannibalize sales of newer video games,” Daniel DeMatteo, GameStop’s vice chairman and chief operating officer, said in an interview. “As a matter of fact, it does somewhat the opposite.”
I have one thing to say about that.
There has been an incredible amount of discussion on this issue in the development community, and while it may not be the only reason for declining game sales, it is CERTAINLY not helpful. If DeMatteo has some sales data that prove his point, I’d like to see him share it with the community.
In the film industry, a percentage of used / rental revenue goes back to the publisher. If this was the case in the game industry I’d be more of a fan of the concept. A few devs/pubs have it written into their contracts (apparently) but for the most part all of the revenue from used / rental goes to the store. That’s just miserable for devs if people are buying games used and no royalty stream is coming back to them. I hope that you will join me in purchasing games at full price so that the devs can make some money for their efforts. And then we can all complain together about the incredibly high prices of games – but that’s a discussion for another time.