Sick, *again*

After my west coast tour last week, and a trip to Chicago to visit some good friends, I’ve come home and am sick. Dang it! I hate that. I guess I’ll start using Airborne and see if that helps.
Thursday I’m off to NYC for a wedding, hopefully I’ll feel better by then so I don’t infect the entire party. I’m looking forward to seeing a bit of NYC while I’m there as well. I haven’t been to the city for a few years, so that should be pretty fun. I get back Sunday, then Monday am off to Austin for the week, for the Austin Game Conference – drop me an email if you want to meet up!
I still feel like I get sick a lot more than I used to. Pretty much ever since I moved down to the SF Bay area. I think it’s due to stress, or allergies, or both. Time to start sorting that out, once all this travel has calmed down. I need to solve it if I’m going to stay in the SF Bay, which is my current plan…
Anyway. *hachoo*