Tiger Technology

Okay, this post is going to get one friend of mine very excited, and the rest will probably think I’ve gone off my rocker.
Said friend showed me the newest OS for his Macintosh, “Tiger”. I have to admit, it was pretty frickin’ impressive! If I could get it to run on my PC, and still run all the apps I have, and use a mouse with more than one button, I’d be all over it!
The Mac interface is so clean and beautiful compared to the Windows interface. It has a very elegant window design, nice drop shadows, and is hardware accelerated. Windows flip over, squish and smoosh and go translucent with the press of a hot key. The dashboard provides an easy way to have useful applets within reach at all times. Automator makes creating script-like processes simple. Even the simple Expose feature is amazingly cool.
And of course underneath it all is Unix. Hallelujah!
What has happened to Microsoft? Has it completely fallen asleep? They’ve not added any interesting new features to Windows OR Internet Explorer for a couple of years now. With Apple’s mind share continuing to grow, could they possibly become a competitor again?
I’m beginning to hope the answer is yes.