Feeling Blue

I’m feeling blue today. I had a really nice walk along the beach this morning with my friend Laura, but most of today I’ve been chilling at home, a bit bummin. Had a nap midday.
So I’ve been cleaning some things up on the computer this evening. Going back through old email. Categorizing and throwing some old junk out.
And I re-found an amusing website. Back when I worked at Game Developer magazine, we used to receive letters from a fellow named Louis. They were always hand written, a bit long, and definitely on the crazy side. When we discovered that there was a tribute site devoted to him, we realized we weren’t the ONLY ones receiving letters. I wonder what happened to Louis? Is he still writing letters?
I pulled out a site in my newest bag of tricks to see if I could find out. ZabaSearch lets you do searches to find addresses, birthdates, etc of people around the United States. It’s borderline spooky. But definitely handy for tracking people down. Anyway, I didn’t find a Louis. But I spent a bunch of time dorking around on that site.
Combined with a nice glass of wine, it was a good way to end the day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better.