My GDC China 2009 engine presentation

I’m just about to head home from Shanghai, where I’ve been for the past four days attending GDC China. The show this year was really good, it reminded me of GDC Austin a few years ago in size. I’m sad to be leaving today because there are some really great talks scheduled for this last day, but I have to head home so I can attend the annual Nite to Unite event in San Francisco.

I really enjoyed speaking here, and visiting Shanghai was a pleasure and an adventure. I’ll post more about that (with pics) later. For now I want to post up a link to my engine presentation. Here it is on SlideShare so that you can view it on the web or download it in PDF. If you like it, you may also want to check out the articles I’ve done on game engines and middleware for Gamasutra and Game Developer Magazine. Unfortunately the middleware piece hasn’t been published on Gamasutra yet; it is just in the magazine so far.