Game engine middleware

I recently sent out a survey about game engine middleware to many industry executives, and also solicited folks on the Internet to fill it out. After trimming out some of the replies, I find that I’ve received about 100 high-quality responses. I’ve begun consolidating the info, and the results are very interesting – in some cases confirming suspicions I had but also in some cases contradicting them (which is more interesting 🙂 ). Have been talking to a few folks about ways to communicate the information back to the developer community… stay tuned.
By doing this I’ve discovered some good ways and bad ways to ask questions that I hadn’t realized before 🙂 I also am looking at this now and thinking it could be very valuable as a yearly survey, so as I consolidate the info I’m reading all the feedback and thinking of ways to re-jigger the questions. Thanks to all of you who replied, and those of you who left comments!