Month: November 2008

  • At the IGDA Leadership Forum…

    I’m at the IGDA Leadership Forum in the San Francisco area, day two. It’s going great so far. Yesterday we had some excellent talks in the “personal management” track, which I’m moderating – from Kathy Gibson (Threewave Software), Torrie Dorrell (Sony Online Entertainment), Scott Crabtree (Intel), Rodney Gibbs (Fizz Factor), Manveer Heir (Raven Software), and […]

  • Thank an Engineer

    Texas Instruments has a pretty entertaining series of videos up on their website, called “Thank an Engineer”. I realized long ago that the engineering gene has pervaded by entire being – I can’t go near something that is broken without wanting to fix it, or near any non-optimal hardware solution (squeaky door, slightly askew toilet […]