Writing from my past

Today I stumbled across some of my first writing on the Net. There have been many times that I’ve deleted something I was about to post up in a blog or comment somewhere, thinking to myself “this will *always* be on the Net if I post it now.” Sure enough, recently I found this gem, a piece I wrote up in late 1992 that described the virtual reality research going on at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Digging a little further, the earliest post of mine onto the Net that I can find is a plea for help with my Amiga 500 in Nov 1988. I was hoping to separate the keyboard from the CPU so that I could put the keyboard in my lap. This ultimately turned into a personal project that involved thin sheets of oak and a table saw… I will spare you the horrible details and embarrassing photos 🙂
There are many other things out there when I dig around, like the lists of virtual reality hardware that I used to post to Usenet’s sci.virtual-worlds. It is simultaneously amazing and creepy that I can still access this information, in seconds, that I wrote 20 years ago.
I’m glad my writing has improved. 🙂