More changes

It occurred to me this morning, and then two good friends have reminded me, that I haven’t really posted here about what I’m up to lately. So I figure it’s probably time to say something about it!
Earlier this year I joined a company called GreenScreen Interactive… I had been doing consulting work for the previous year and part of it was for GreenScreen… as the company grew it made sense for them to hire someone full-time for tech, so I came on as VP Technology. It was a growing young multi-national, multi-location publisher, with a main office in New York, and a development studio and two smaller publishers that had been purchased. The core team of people there was great, and we were dedicated to creating high-quality original titles. Well, it isn’t appropriate for me to get into the details, but most of the company came apart about a month and a half ago. The core team is gone, the New York office closed down, the studio has detached itself, and what is left of the company is basically just the two small publishers. That company is now known as Zoo Games.
We did some good work there. I really had a great time, and got to meet and work with some fantastic people: in New York, in Orange County, Melbourne, Helsinki, and here in the San Francisco Bay. And we built some fun games.
So it’s back to consulting for me, for the moment. I’ve been toying with a lot of other ideas, from spinning something new up to joining on with someone full-time. Lots of ideas, lots of conversations. Right now I’m enjoying having a little office in San Francisco, walking to and from work, meeting up with people to talk about what they’re working on and how I can help. And when the time and opportunity is right, I’ll dig in. For the moment though…