Addictive TV

One of the highlights to my trip to Abu Dhabi was an evening concert on Corniche Beach by Addictive TV. I hadn’t heard of these guys before, but once they got started I realized I was in for a real treat. They create wonderfully fun, danceable electronic music, and they do it by mixing together the audio from TV or movies with their own synth work. So the experience is the kind of music that you have a hard time NOT dancing to, along with a visual extravaganza which tells a tale.
The music was frickin’ great (especially to hear in the middle of the middle east) and was also a demonstration of some really cool tech, the way they synchronized the video with the music. It’s hard for me to describe, so here’s a highlight – an Iron Man mix. You can find higher-fidelity versions of their work via their website, but this one is a really good example. Fantastic stuff! Turn up the subwoofer before you hit play! 🙂