Abu Dhabi Pics #1

Sorry for not posting a thorough entry about the recent trip to Abu Dhabi – I am still slamming away on a deadline today (Wednesday). Will have more time for posting after today is over, for sure. But I thought I’d post up some quick images.
After my trip to Dubai a few years ago, I remember telling many people that the middle east is a lot more similar to the west than it is dissimilar. I think this is largely true about people in general… unfortunately for us in the US right now it is particularly easy to think of the middle east as the “other”, given that our only relationship to it is seeing it in war footage on the TV screen. 🙁 So my first set of shots here will give you a feeling for how the area is similar. Tomorrow I’ll post up images that show how it is dissimilar. 🙂
The Abu Dhabi Marina Mall:
The Abu Dhabi Marina Mall’s Starbucks and Ikea!
The Emirates Palace Hotel:
The convention center:
A late-night concert on Corniche Beach: