In Abu Dhabi

I just got to the hotel in Abu Dhabi, after about 30 hours of travel, from Dallas to Frankfurt to Bahrain to Abu Dhabi. The flights were remarkably easy and comfortable – just tiring. I couldn’t really get any shut-eye in on the plane, despite the fantastic robo-seats in Lufthansa business class.
I’ve come to Abu Dhabi to speak on a panel at the conference “The Circle”, a pretty incredible conference focusing on films from the region, film financing, and growing the industry here. We’re going to talk about videogames for interactive storytelling, the game industry in the region (which seems fairly small), and how to use game engine tools for parts of film production. The attendee list here is amazing.
Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I arrived, I’m sure I’ll post more later. The above shot is the beautiful view from my deck at the Shangri-La Hotel.