Very realistic article on running a game studio

Gamasutra posted up an article today from the GRIN studio co-founders, and it’s one of the most interesting pieces I’ve read on gamasutra for a long time. GRIN is a Sweden-based studio that has done GRAW PC for Ubisoft, among other titles. The article is actually a summary of a speech they gave at the “Free Gaming Business” conference in Rotterdam.
What makes the piece so refreshing is how blunt and realistic it is. Starting up a new game development company is not easy, especially when you’re an independent developer doing work-for-hire for publishers. Building great games, and also building and growing a company, are two very difficult things. Now do it under time and budget constraints. GRIN is now 250 employees spread between four locations, so clearly they’ve had some success!
Be sure to visit Gamasutra to have a read of this enlightening piece.