Joining GreenScreen Interactive

It’s been about ten months since I left Ubisoft and struck out on my own. Doing technology consulting work has been largely satisfying and educational. But for the past seven months I’ve been spending part of my time (and recently, all of my time) consulting with a great group of people at GreenScreen Interactive. It isn’t often that someone forges a new videogames publisher, and the management at GreenScreen are an amazing team that I’ve really enjoyed working with. This week I’ve joined them officially as VP Technology, and I’m excited about the opportunity to grow and guide their technology direction.
You know me, I’m a jaded and bitter old man. 😉 I worked at Nintendo for five years, I worked at Sony for five years, I worked at Ubisoft for awhile, I ran Game Developer magazine for a year and created the Game Programming Gems book series (book 7 recently launched!)… I’m passionate about independent game development and making games easier to create so that they can be used for communication and education. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the game industry, many development studios and game publishers in a variety of different capacities. So it is with great joy that I’ve met this group of people who are working together as a strong TEAM, and that are dedicated to creating UNIQUE and FUN experiences – on whatever platforms are appropriate.
GreenScreen is based in New York, New York, but I’ll be staying in San Francisco, California for the foreseeable future. So if you’re visiting SF, be sure to drop me an email and come by the office!