I’m at the IGDA board meeting in New Jersey at the moment. Today we had a long day of discussion about the industry and where we’re going, and how the IGDA can best serve its members and forward the game industry. Its been a day of fantastic conversation among a group of highly intelligent and accomplished industry luminaries.
So tonight I stumbled back to my hotel room at just shy of 1am, and immediately turned on CNN. Laura and Jenna Bush were on Larry King (CNN), and they were talking up their new children’s book. Within 30 seconds, Jenna says something like “boys these days are playing videogames instead of reading books or going outside, it’s too bad”.
Come on! Give me a break! When are we going to get past this “oh my god games are a waste of time” thing? Do people say that about movies? Reading books? I am so tired of hearing people bad-mouth games as a form of entertainment or education. When will we break through this?
Videogames are an important medium for communicating to today’s young people. Perhaps Laura and Jenna should consider making a game for kids, instead!