Well, looks like my Xbox360 has finally decided to give up. I got it quite soon after launch, so it’s not too surprising that it is crashing out I suppose. It crashes randomly, and fairly quickly, occasionally throwing up a three-LED red ring. I’m tempted to open it up and see if I can replace the heat sink putty (which some people claim is the problem) but at this point I don’t want to void the warranty. So I’ll just send it in. Argh.
I’ve been hanging out in NYC the past few days as the first leg of a multi-hop trip. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, and I forgot how cold it can get – 17 degrees right now! I love wandering around the city, but with this weather I’m mostly spending my time in hotels and offices. 🙂 While San Francisco can get cold, it definitely spoils a person. I can’t remember it ever getting below freezing there!